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Special Interest and Study Days

Study Day: Tuesday November 2nd 2021 from 11.00am

Lecturer Sue Rollin

Venue: Redbourn Parish Centre

2 1-hour lectures with lunch in between and tea/coffee beforehand
Two Desert Emporia: Petra and Palmyra.

An exploration of two fascinating ancient sites. Petra, hidden away in the mountains south of the Dead Sea, was the capital of the enigmatic Nabateans, wealthy traders who carved impressive monuments from the multi-coloured sandstone of their desert stronghold and embellished the city with water courses and gardens.

Palmyra, in the Syrian desert, was capital of the infamous Queen Zenobia who controlled a virtual caravan empire and dared to challenge the might of Rome. Today colonnaded streets, temples, tombs, theatres and villas bear witness to the elegance and wealth of these once powerful desert emporia. 

Many of our members may have visited Petra but fewer will have been to Palmyra and after so many of the ruins of this once great city were destroyed in 2016 by ISIS, the site cannot be fully appreciated any more.


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