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Community Arts is the new title of the charitable arm of TASHE, utilising part of your subscription to fund art projects in the community. Historically  we have donated grants to the three secondary schools in Harpenden and occasionally to other worthy causes, but we now hope to broaden the scope of our giving to encourage the participation and enjoyment of art in its widest sense, including music and drama as well as art in its more usual forms. We plan to offer funding for projects from £50 - £500.


We will continue to offer support to the three secondary schools and the Keech hospice, but wish to forge  new links with other groups and individuals including the new Katherine Warrington School. If anyone has a cause dear to their heart which they feel may benefit from a grant, please contact the committee.

Update April 2021

Part of my role as community arts coordinator is to inform The Arts Society of the ways in which we are supporting the local community. I am delighted to let you know that pictures of the brochures which we funded for St. George’s School last year have appeared on the national Arts Society Instagram page.

The photographs below illustrate the marvellous work which was on display in the 2019 Summer Exhibition at Roundwood School.

Roundwood Art 1  Roundwood Art 2  Roundwood Art 3  Roundwood Art 3

Elaine Walker
Community Arts Coordinator 


       Art picture 5 

The secondary schools, as always, are very grateful for your continuing support despite not being able to stage their usual exhibition at the AGM. However here are some photographs of the St. George's School booklet which, the Head of the art department believes, contributed significantly to the largest art uptake at GCSE level for many years.  

St Georges School

Art Picture  Art Picture 2  Art picture 3

In addition to supporting the secondary schools we were able to sponsor the Big Draw event at Sauncey Wood primary school. These are some of the pictures that the children created during a day of drawing. The Headmaster had great feedback from everyone who took part.

Sauncey Wood primary school
         Art picture 4 

Art picture 5  Art picture 7  Art picture 8\


 Elaine Walker
Young Arts Coordinator