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HarpendenFor a number of years our Young Arts scheme has supported the creative work in our three Harpenden Secondary Schools.  Each year, on our behalf, we make a substantial financial offer to Roundwood Park School; Sir John Lawes School and St. George's School to encourage and develop aspects of creativity which may not be possible without additional funding.  Of course, this comes with some provisos, in that it has to be either a new venture not yet covered by the existing curriculum, similarly a piece of equipment, or perhaps a special event such as a visiting artist to work with pupils and staff.

This page will show you just a small example of how your support is used to foster the visual arts of young people in the Harpenden area.



This year the exam work from all three schools, both at GCSE and A Level, was exceptional. I was lucky enough to be invited to their exhibitions, and have found it very hard to make a small selection from the great variety of their work to share with you. As you will see the works range through the two-dimensional: drawing; painting; photography and print making to the plastic arts: pottery; sculpture and textiles. The financial help we are able to offer is very much appreciated as it allows our schools to explore areas of work not otherwise covered.

Roundwood Park School

Art image      Art image     Art image

  Art image   Art image   Art image


Sir John Lawes School

Art image   Art image
Art image       Art Image

Art image    Art image


St George’s School

Art image    Art image   Art Image         
Art Image     Art Image      Art Image

 In addition to supporting these senior schools, we have also given grants to three other art projects. We were able to contribute towards supporting more Art Therapy sessions at Keech Hospice.  The sessions are for children currently receiving hospice care and for visiting children who have a family member in care. Also we have given grants to two local junior schools.  Sauncey Wood Primary School bought materials for a mural based on the work of Van Gogh and David Hockney.

Tree drawings  Tree mural

Redbourn Primary School paid for an artist in wire sculpture to spend the day working with the pupils.

Wire sculpture making  Wire sculpture making  Wire sculpture making

Wire sculptures      Wire sculptures

 Christine Grant
Young Arts Coordinator